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Assessment exams generator

Private access for Secondary teachers

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Bespoke design and development of a
web application for generating
evaluation exams

This tool provides a web interface from which teachers can generate exams on any subject in a dynamic and random way from a question database. From the private interface, content managers can upload any content in Word format. The system will interpret each question and classify it into categories such as books, units or level of difficulty, which makes it easy and time-saving.
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Automatic generation of assessment tests

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    Selection of cicle, subject and book; every book has a list of questions for each unit.

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    Units to use to prepare the assessment texts

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    Previsualisation of test with or without answers. Possibility to get them in Word or PDF.


Further info on the project

Further info on the project

Editex needed to unify different author's books in one single fomat, and to code questions and answers in a simple and easy way for users.

Content managers can upload Word files straight to the web app in a simple, visual way.

Teachers have access only to their subject material and from there, they can generate exams with or without answers.


Main technical challenges


Deep knowledge of DOCX, LaTeX, PDF and RTF standards
Programming in Level C 

Programming with mathematical formulas Math Type
Working with many different image formats:BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, PICT, SVG, TIFF y WMF

Complex structure of multiple types of data entry and post unification of all of them

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