Social games

We design and develope social games

Online games or Social games is one of the most currently growing businesses with a higher return on investment (ROI). Our team of experts can help and support you on launching into the market or designing or developing any game that you have in mind.



Imaginanet designs and develops HTML5 games in connected multiplatform mode. These are games where the user can access from any platform: Smartphone (iOS or Android), tablet, computer. And on top of that the users will be able to continue any session started in one platform from a different one, taking the advantage of the platform used. This flexibility will make the game more accessible and friendly user.


Accessible from social networks

A good option to consider if we want to exponentially promote a game, is to make it accessible from the social networks, especially Facebook. This will position your game into an International market with million of potential users. Once the game has been designed, developed and tested and it is ready to launch to the market, Imaginanet will integrate the game into the Facebook API, so we will take advantage of the big capacity of virality and the massive impact of the users in Facebook.

Games for education

Everyday there are more uses where the games digital technologies are applied, and specifically the games. A part of entertaining or helping on promoting a product, an online game can also have an educative use.

There are a lot of examples of online games where the user can challenge their knowledge of mathematics, literacy, phonics, etc. This is a new way to encourage to learn and study in a funny and interactive way. In this case we can also monetise our game by introducing licenses that the schools or Colleges can acquire for the right of use.

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