Native apps for mobile devices

We design bespoke applications for Android, iOS (Apple)…

Internet users constantly move. In order to get to them, it is necessary to develop applications adapted to the most commonly used devices: mobile phones (Android, Iphone) and tablets (Ipad...). We design outstanding apps for your business to stand out.

Designed for any mobile device or tablet

Access to Internet is mainly done through mobile devices.
This is why we design applications adaptable to all kinds of devices,
from mobile phones to tablets, and we adapt them to every screen size.


We develop apps for Android, which is the most extended operative system in the market. Its robustness, flexibility and free access are its best attributes. We follow the same principles to design bespoke apps for your business.
Android is very popular in technological companies requiring a low-cost, customisable operative system for their state-of-the-art devices such as Smartphones, tv's, photo cameras, etc. Taking Android's strengths into consideration, we design and adapt the apps you require for your business.

iOS (Iphone/Ipad)

iOS is Apple's operative system for mobile devices, and it can be installed and distributed only to Apple's hardware. iOS was launched in 2007 for iPhone, but it has been extended to other devices such as iPod Touch, iPad, and Apple TV.

iOS Operative System is known for its optimal user experience (UX). Following Apple's philosophy, we design apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod that are very fluid and intuitive to use.



We are prepared to adapt and design apps for the new trend in mobile devices: wearables, such as Smart phones, smart bracelets. These apps will allow you to increase your market share, stand out from your competitors and draw attention to your company.



Amaze your users with an ibeacon technology-based smart application. Based on wireless sensors, it activates when it
detects a mobile device. This can be very useful, for instance,
for sending offers to every person passing by a certain place.


Virtual and Augmented reality

The Virtual and Augmented Reality are two of the newest and more interesting technologies of this past years. The recent evolutionary leap of this advances has redefined the actual landscape of contents, and has open a big window of opportunities for UX designers to create new languages, grammars and symbologies.


Educational apps

The digital era has brought with it new ways of learning, and given that the formal education it is not sufficient any more, the book digitalization and the creation of educational apps, is more than essential in the actual world. In Imaginanet we get involved in this branch of web programming, to create educational apps that can serve as school support for teachers, students and even parents.


PUSH Notifications

With push notifications you will reach your users even when they don't have the application opened.


Interactive Maps

In Imaginanet we design and develope applications based on interactive maps that will bring new possibilities to your business. Interactive maps can be created from a photography, a map, an scheme, ... and they allow to highlight information and navigate between the featured points of the map, bringing valuable information to the user.


Advantages of Html5 for web development

When it is possible to use HTML5 for native applications development, such as games, virtual simulators, it has great advantages.

One big plus is the chance to use Cloud-based applications, such as Gmail, Dropbox, Maps, Office360 apps, etc. Also, its adaptability to any mobile device, together with its simplicity and easy access, make this programming language the ideal choice to design apps for any size or type of mobile device.

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