Virtual and Augmented Reality

Imaginanet designs native Apps bringing a Virtual and Augmented Reality experience

We are on the verge of new ways to improve the user experience with virtual and augmented reality. These revolutionary technologies have come with a big window of possibilites for UX designers, so they can define and create new grammars and symbologies adaptaded to this recent languages. This way the experts can help in any professional environment as well as offer new business ideas.

Virtual Reality (VR)

The VR is a new way of audiovisual communication that tricks the users minds and makes them think that a fictional world is actually the real world. It also convinces them that the actions and decisions that they are taking are affecting that world. Its ultimate goal is to allow us feel sensations almost unthinkable, like extracorporeal experiences, flights, teleports, travels to other scenarios. Besides, it also is used in other areas such as education, communication, etc.

Augmented Reality (AR)

The augmented reality is a modified version of the real world, that has to be watched through technological devices. That way, the real elements get mixed with the virtual ones and the user environment becomes interactive. Some times this technology is also employed, among other things, to apply computer generated pictures to
video sequences in real time, and even in areas like educational projects, advertising, entertainment, games, simulations, etc.

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