Apps for iPhone and iPad

At Imaginanet, we develop bespoke web apps for iOS (iPhone / iPad) based on HTML5, enabling access to any mobile / tablet functionality or feature.

Apple revolutionised consumers initially by launching the iPhone, offering a new concept for mobile phones – the smartphone: an all-in-one device with an attractive and distinctive interface. After that, Apple again broke new ground by launching the iPad, which would start the tablet generation, a device which is not only on the increase but one which will end up displacing personal computers (PCs) as the main Internet access device.

Some examples of apps that can be developed include:

  1. E-commerce. Development of apps for online trading of products and services.
  2. Apps for orders or for the sales force. Only accessible internally
  3. Geolocation. Personalisation of app content, depending on the user’s location (for tourist , pharmacy, bus or taxi apps, for example).
  4. Videoconferencing. E-learning tools, online showrooms, on-line customer services… or any app requiring video or audio.
  5. ERPs and CRMs. To manage internal functionalities from any mobile device. Read more about ERP Integration.
  6. Augmented reality. an advanced version of videoconferencing, which uses a camera to provide additional information about a user’s location.
  7. Games. these can be useful for promoting a company through contests, prize draws, events, etc.
  8. Any other application you can propose us.