Interactive Maps

We develope applications that use interactive maps

An interactive map is based on a Web technology where each dot or polygon of the map is linked to an action or internal/external link. When we click in these dots, an action is triggered, which can either be added information to the selected area, with a new screen or text box, or just executing a zoom, or linking the dot with social networks...


Accessible information

An Interactive map could be created from a single picture, map, diagram, etc. So information from a specific area can be highlighted on a picture like the parts of a body, or just highlight geolocalized information in a map. Since the beginning of HTML5, we can create Interactive maps without using Flash.


Better interaction

Interactive maps can help the users to interact with your webpage in a more interactive way, as moving the mouse over the map, they will access to more information. This will help the users to stay longer on your webpage, increasing your reputation and selling probabilities.



Quite often the webpages are statics, so adding an interactive map to represent information about your business can be a good idea. Locate the related information with your products or a data evolution along the time. Remember, an interactive map can also be done on a picture or diagram.

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