Push Notifications, the best marketing tool

Imaginanet develops aplications using Push Notifications such as e-mail apps, instant messaging or marketing campaigns.

Push Notifications is a communication system that enables the server to send messages to devices. Until now, it was the device which sent the request to communicate with the servers to receive the desired information, (also known as Pull Communications). This mechanism could be scheduled, so the device, instead of being connected to the server all of the time, now can periodically pull information from it every 5, 10, 15 minutes. Alternatively, by simply pressing a button or function to start the communication with the serve, it can receive the information needed.


Advantages of Push Notifications

With Push Notifications, the server starts the communication with the client (device), every time the information is available, making this technology much more updated and immediate, as it is the server who awakes the device every time it is necessary. The first Push application appeared in Blackberry (Push email) where the RIM company set up agreements with the different mobile operators to establish a new connection with their servers and send the email through their push notifications. Nowadays, Google, Apple and Windows also have their own Push Notifications systems, where their servers are the ones who communicate with the devices to send them information even if the application is in Background mode.


Some examples

Some examples of Push Applications we can develop are:

  • Electronic mail (email)
  • Instant messaging (Whatsapp)
  • Notifications in social networks
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • New Software available notifications

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