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Wearables are included in the category of devices which are carried by the user or consumer as an accessory or as an extension of their body, which usually includes functionalities such as positioning, sensors and/or cameras. These can be used for applications related to fitness, health, or simply a different way to use social networks. Wearables also open a new universe of specific applications which use the devices in a more efficient way, sometimes in an independent way, or together with Smartphones. Nowadays, the technology of “Wearable Computing” is still under investigation in areas such as designing the user interface, virtual reality or pattern recognition. The use of wearables for specific applications or to compensate for disabilities or to help elderly people is also growing. This technology is also applied in the fashion world (Google Glass, Smart Watch, etc) and includes projects such as “Microsoft Printing Dress” where we can print the latest tweets on our clothes.

These are examples of the best-known Wearables:

  1. Google Glass
    Google launched the first technological glasses in 2013. These glasses have a camera, a LCoS (Liquid crystal on Silicon) screen and a touchpad to allow the user to control the device. There are different applications that could be found such as Google Now, Google Maps, and Gmail. However, third parties applications are available for Google Glass. From January 2015, Google Glass has not been available for purchase, which puts the continuity of the project within Google at risk.
  2. Nike + Fuelband:
    Nike has invented a new way to measure activity with a concept called “fuel”. Thanks to a wristband which monitors every moment of physical activity by using its sensors and the new metric, the user is able to compare his own activity with other users, who may be doing completely different activities.
  3. iWatch
    This is the latest device from Apple, and their latest wearable innovation. This is a watch, which apart from showing the time, connects to the iPhone, giving access to the telephone information. On top of that, it has four sensors that monitor the heartbeat rate of the users, an accelerometer and the GPS coordinates when connected to the phone. With all that information, Apple aims to open a new ecosystem of applications dedicated to monitoring health and physical activity.
  4. Printing dress
    The Printing Dress is a totally new concept that has been created by Microsoft employees, who have decided to move the concept of Wearables to the fashion world. Printing Dress has been designed to project the latest publications on the Internet onto the clothes. Tweets become trendy statements when they are printed on your clothes.
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