Web Apps

We design Web Applications that maximise the user experience (UX)

We have always been in favour of web applications, as they offer access to all the data from anywhere, on any device, as well as being able to fully integrate them with the company’s software (ERP, CRM and any other software with the possibility of external communication).

When working with web apps, multiple applications are possible: localisation and positioning systems (fleets, goods, …), communications with ERP to integrate the stock control with an e-commerce system, orders applications for the sales force integrated in ERP, bespoke customer services systems integrated with the CRM, internal applications for searching documents and files using Google search technology, online applications for the intranet or extranet with restricted access for employees, customers, providers, etc., integration of tailor-made applications with services and applications using Google Apps, and any other kind of application that may be required.


Experts in web apps development

We are specialised in web development using PHP/JAVA/GWT(on the server), javaScript / HTML /CSS (in the client) as coding languages, Oracle / MySql (as a database) and integration with ERP, CRM and Google Apps systems.

For those standard developments which use PHP and MySQL / Oracle on the server, we have developed our own framework as a basis to deploy most of our projects. This helps us ensure that the project will be started with a package of stable, secure and scalable libraries. Furthermore, this framework already includes many standard web functionalities, which help us to develop tailored projects in a faster and more secure way..


Web apps security

The notion that online applications that are not in-house are not totally secure is a myth. In our opinion, a web application can be just as, or even more, secure than in-house applications, given that most companies nowadays are connected to the Internet, and that, in all likelihood, so too are their internal servers.

The security of a web application will respond to what is required for each project. Thus, it is possible to deploy applications only accessible from the company’s internal network through VNC, external accessible zones which are never directly linked with the internal systems of the company, etc.

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