Web Apps integrated with ERP/CRM

Every application we develop is ready to be integrated with any external system

Companies need totally accessible and multidevice webapps for executing different backoffice tasks. Some examples of this could be any apps for the companie's sales force, apps linked to providers or to the sales system, cloud-based co-working systems, e-commerce private areas for customers, etc.


For developing these apps it is not necessary -nor convenient- to upload all your data to the cloud. Developing data interfaces is more recommendable to enable the interconnection between the different company's webapps and the internal management data.

If you need to integrate different internal management systems through a webapp, we can help you in every stage of the project; from the interface's design and web usability to an API development or data interface linked to the different processes that need to be integrated.
We can also develop data search methods, data writing, edition and any necessary process.


We are conscious of how valuable your data is
and about our responsability
when working with proprietary systems

When we work on external systems integrations, it is always a taylor-made for every project, meeting the customers´processes, needs, data and functionalities. Every project is analysed and its stability and security is before being validated. Once aproved, the project can move to the next stage: production.

We do always maintain a paralel test environment that allow us to keep developing new apps and additional requirements without affecting the website's performance.

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