Experts in web development

Web apps, intranets, interfaces, API's, etc

With more than 15 years of experience developing bespoke websites, web apps and e-commerce, and digital portfolios, we can develop any bespoke app you can imagine for web browsers for any device (smartphone, tablet, smart-TV,...).


Responsive + Adaptable

Our web developments are fully adaptative to the device size. Depending on the project, we apply responsivity or adaptability.


Self manageable websites

If you are considering developing a bespoke portal or website, we can help you with our extensive experience and expertise.


Ready for positioning (SEO)

We use HTML5 and microdata to ensure that the project has a good natural search engine positioning (SEO).


Integration with ERPs

We can develop projects that enable you to manage the website’s content from your own Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Often times companies need to integrate some parts of their website with their client’s ERP, billing, order traceability, etc.



Each e-commerce project we develop is designed from scratch and is executed to fulfill the specified requirements. We never use pre-designed e-commerce software. Everything is tailor-made to each project so its more personal.


Outsourcing web

We work with many different companies, providing them with a development and consultancy service. We can turn your (x)html mock-ups into self-manageable platforms. If you have pre-designed templates (Photoshop, InDesign, Fireworks, etc.), we can code them
in HTML and CSS and programme the whole website to make it completely self-manageable for the final customer.


Web 3.0 and HTML5

Web 3.0 is the result of the evolution that modern browsers have undergone which makes it possible to
mark up the content in a semantic way, so it can be indexed in a much more reliable and effective way.
HTML5 standard offers many more labels for content marking which, when used appropriately, can bring
very positive indexing results. At Imaginanet, we are and have always been a fan of HTML5.

How about Web 2.0?
Some years ago, when the social networks had their boom, a new model emerged. This model allowed users to upload and create content on the website, which was known as “prosumer” user. Not only could this user consume contents, but he or she could also participate actively by adding content or comments. A good example of this is the social networks, blogs, etc. where users send comments, images or videos. At Imaginanet, our projects are created under the Web 2.0 paradigm.

Are these not 2.0 effects?
Some people associate non-flash movement effects or transitions with Web 2.0, but this is erroneous as they are in fact JavaScript
effects and transitions. We can make anything happen, just tell us what you would like to see.

HTML5 Diccionary

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