Management and real-time information system on products, stock, customers, orders, invoices, logistics, etc.

We develop web-based systems
connected to your company system in real time

We are experts in the integration of different commercial ERP software like SAP R3, AS400, OracleBiz, Navicion, JDEdwards y OpenBravo, and also CRM systems like AIMcrm and SalesForce. .

There are many different types of integration, depending on how quickly the customer needs it, as well as the level of integration: transactional, documental or analysis. Depending on what needs to be integrated, we customise a method.

Due to the success of the Internet and the development of new technologies around the web, every day there are more processes that companies can do by Internet, in order to speed up work and efficiency to increase sales.

We can also integrate processes and data
with third party APIS



Any e-commerce can be integrated with the ERP of the company, so the orders, customers, bills and any other desired information can be received or sent directly from the same system. This integration translates into total transparency, since all sales are processed in the same way and through the same system as the sales from any other channel outside the web.


Sales Order Management

We integrate web applications or mobile applications with the internal ordering system. In this way, every process is centralised through the internal orders management used in the company for any order, whether for customers or employees (commercial, marketing, etc. department).


B2B/B2C Processes

WWe can provide private-accessed or public applications, which allow development of any internal process in a company: trade applications, reports, marketing, customer service, etc. We can integrate them with the company’s ERP and centralise them while improving both their efficiency and effectiveness.


Sales force

We can automate and provide provisions for the sales processes, customer acquisition and account maintenance for the post or pre sales team. We create internal systems for ordering, billing, discounts, promotions, etc. We can develop web applications for the sales force working directly with the ERP of the company.


Products Syncronization

If you have of a complete product catalogue that includes variables, ranges and categories, it can be used to provide the website with valuable content. This will enable automatisation and centralisation of the whole product catalogue.


Documents Syncronisaction

We can centralize a company's document management. In this way, we will be able to find any document within the company from its intranet, including documents coming from any source such as internal network/VPN/intranet.

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