Successful on-line stores

A well developed e-commerce business brings benefits both for the buyer and the seller

If during the development of an e-commerce project all the parameters and peculiarities of the particular business sector are taken into account, as well as the needs of the target audience, the benefits for the seller are immediate and tangible. As the same time, the number of e-commerce buyers is increasing all the time because of the advantages this medium offers for buyers.

Advantages of an online store for the business or seller:
The investment required to set up an online store is much lower than that of a physical store, as are the maintenance costs. The web window display is open 24/7 to the whole world, which opens up new opportunities and markets.

We think that before starting any e-commerce project we need to clarify certain points, such as: Understanding the customer’s approach and needs, both short and long term. Amount of products contained in the catalogue; possible options or product variations. Where a product is physically sent, how the delivery costs are calculated, and whether they are included in the price or not. Frequency of arrival of new products. Frequency of data updates (prices, products, options, etc.). In terms of benefits of e-commerce for customers, these include:
You do not need to leave home to shop. Security: Knowing the transaction is secure.Home delivery service. You can quickly search and find exactly what you need. Access to technical data, specifications, pictures and videos about the product. Greater product variety in terms of colours, sizes, etc. Before making any order, you know what the total amount to be paid is. Offering good customer service translates to greater security and confidence in the purchase.

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