Self-manageable web projects


All the web projects, web applications, and mobile apps we make are fully self-manageable

In other words, all the website content is self-administrable / auto-manageable, including all the common and static texts (such as footers, headers, etc.), images, navigation structure and other components such as products, categories, news, users...


Multiple languages

All contents can be fully managed from the management system in any language included within the project or web page. Additional new languages can be added to the system, these can be hidden while the web is being translated and published autonomously from the CMS once the insertion is complete.


Easy and intuitive - Custom-made

We have built on experience gained over the last 12 years from work on projects and with customers, to create the intuitive and user-friendly tool that is our management system. Our CMS (Content Management System) is totally tailored to the project where no lack or extra buttons, options, functionalities are implemented.


Security and immediacy

All changes done through the management system will be immediately visible in the application or web page. The management system is only accessible for the users with the the required access rights. In addition, new users with different profile rights can be created. The content can be published immediately, or subject to publishing supervision from a user with a supervisory role.


Management and SEO analytics

All the SEO parameters in each page or section, together with the contents, specific meta labels for search engines, and others are administrable from the management system. Combining this flexibility with a full statistic and visit analytic (this can be obtained from the Google analytics API) enables for a continuous positioning optimisation.

Why a bespoke manage system?

The advantages of having a bespoke content management system implies a lot of advantages in comparison to standard content management systems and with some predefined functionalities and structures.

For example, the most used processes can be optimised, adjust the process to the company operation, integration with an internal External Resource Planning (ERP) and open to any expansion or new necessity.

Although people thinks that a bespoke management system is more expensive than a standard one, we completely disagree, since a bespoke management system can optimise the code while reducing the total time of the project deployment.

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