Digital Marketing: positioning your product in Internet

We design and execute the best strategy to increase your sales

From the outset, all our projects are designed to be indexable and easy to position well in web search engines. The marketing strategies we apply will depend on the brand, the product or service offered and the target customer profiles.

As an online marketing agency, which is able to feed off the knowledge of our coding and development team, we combine technical programming expertise with the aesthetics of web design to provide a complete user experience. This translates into increased revenue.



Natural Positioning of your website in Google. We position it to make it appear within the first results of a Google search. To get it, we create outstanding content for your website, which is easily indexable by search engines and which matches with your product' key words.



According to statistics on current web search engines, one of the fastest growing areas is local searches. More than 60% of the population uses the Internet to shop or when interested in a product or service, and the first sector to be searched is the businesses and shops in a certain area. We will take responsibility for listing your business in the search engines and local directories of the sector.


Content strategy

To get your website good positioning in Google through natural positioning (SEO) will depend on the quality of the website content, including it being original, coherent with its sector and gramaticaly correct. We count on experts in content strategy, who will work with you to make your website stand out.



We offer all the services a company might need for its internet promotion, from starting a brand on the Internet to launching a completely new website – SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click), email marketing, social media, and marketing in social networks. We also offer detailed reporting with real data about the progress and success of each marketing action.


Social media

The essence of marketing in social networks is to generate brand and product awareness by participating actively in them. We have experience of creating applications for social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube), dynamic link content (such as video and audio) and linking articles using social markers in websites such as Digg, Stumble Upon,, Reddit and Facebook.


Email marketing

We design, create and distribute massive e-mail marketing campaigns to your customers' database. We monitor and assess the results, which you will be able to read in a report that we will write for you.
E-mail is a widely extended media for distributing campaigns due to its low cost, the possibility of measuring its effectiveness and its flexibility to personalize it. We can develop marketing actions through e-mail for you, which will include a follow-up, which will allow you to constantly improve your campaigns and newsletter.


Link building

One of the most important SEO strategies is Link Building. This strategy is about positioning your webpage getting other websites to links your website, so more users can get into your site, which will increase your reputation. On top of that, the search engines are continuously monitoring your link building, as well as the source of the links to your web, so link building will also help your positioning in Google, Bing, etc.

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