Social Networks

The most effective way to reach your audience

Who has not heard of Facebook or Twitter yet? Hundreds of millions of users from all over the world are part of virtual communities, which have become a huge social phenomenon. We can access a social network from any user profile, and execute digital marketing actions at a national or international level, by gender, location, country, interest, educational level, etc. reaching our target audience and launching marketing campaigns about the company’s latest news, thus making it a key marketing tool.

These are the most common social networks

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  1. Facebook

    Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. We offer the following services: Integration with your website Automatic contents publication Managing your company’s image Facebook apps for web Facebook apps for mobile devices, iPad, Android, Symbian, etc. Consultancy on Marketing campaigns

  2. Youtube

    Youtube is the most popular multimedia network in the world. We deliver the following services relating to this network: Integration and visualisation of videos in your website Creation of channels of your own and automated video uploads Giving users the option of uploading videos to the website, hosted by Youtube .

  3. Twitter

    Twitter has millions of users worldwide and is the most active social network. We offer the following services: Integration on your website Automated content publishing Management of brand image These services allow our followers to have access to any news through messages or #hashtags

  4. Flickr

    Flickr is a social network based on images and photography We enable automated management of image uploads on Flickr, so that you can create integrated digital albums on your website.

  5. Blogs

    Owning a blog allows you to communicate in a straightforward manner with your customers, enabling you to express opinions and communicate news in an informal way. It aims to create a content source in a customised way that keeps our web users up to date. At Imaginanet, we create personal or corporate bespoke blogs, adapted to our customers needs, with the option of creating podcasts through audioblog or videoblog.

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