Html5 pioneers

The most advanced web programming code: Html5 and Css3

Bespoke multiplatform developments

At Imaginanet, we are pioneers in web development using HTML5/CSS3. This standard allows for the development
of web pages for multiple devices and platforms such as iPhone and Android using the latest technology.



HTML5 includes semantic labels that facilitate indexation of the content, allowing a better classification. This is key to be in the first positions in Google searches.


User Experience

With the use of this programming tool, users will be the first ones to directly benefit from the agility, effects, interactivity, speed and accessibility of your website.



With HTML5, you can create Flash effects. CSS3 animation or any other vectorial SVG animation make it possible to include texts which are fully accessible for search engines.


Perfect Google Indexation

The main premise in developing a website is to achieve good visibility, because that is its main function. It is really difficult to develop a website in Flash that is well-positioned on search engines (SEO) because is hard for this ones to index contents, headlines and other texts and images included in this code. HTML5, on the other hand, includes semantic labels that help the indexation of the content. CSS3 animations or any other vectorial SVG animation make it possible to include texts which are fully accessible for search engines.


HTML5, the future of HTML

We are all familiar with HTML since it is the standard web language programming code used by most companies. It is the oldest development code, but has not ever been compared to the others due to its lack of features and functionalities. However, the new HTML5 standard has surpassed all expectations as it has new functionalities that provide a very solid and reliable code. Apart from search engine indexation, it also offers a lot of other benefits like being compatible with all types of web browsers, which allows the creation of an open development standard. Another advantage of HTML5 is its ability to provide native video streaming for web browsers making plugins such as Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and JavaFX redundant.

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