Atractive and well-structured web designs

The best user experience (UX) on digital media


Not only do we produce designs that stand out from the rest, that help to increase brand awareness and company identity,
but we also aim to improve user experience by creating an intuitive environment.

For developing user interfaces, we follow some steps to ensure an outstanding final result that works effectively:

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  1. Analysis and research

    Designing a website that optimizes the users experience requires a strategy that meets both the customers needs and the business goals.

    Profile identifications and browsing fluxes Competitor analysis
  2. Information Arquitecture + Wireframes

    Wireframes are useful for visualising the data and browsing structure as well as the rest of the users interface components (UI).

    Arquitectura de la información (IA) Layouts Prototypos funcionales
  3. Testing with real users

    Usability is paramount to us. For this reason, we run testing sessions with real users that allow us to assess and improve the initial approach.

    Testing with real users on prototypes
  4. Designing the final interface(UI)

    A good graphic design and a good navigation will be key to making a great first impression on users.

    Graphic design easily identifiable with the branding and the business goals
  5. Interface programming

    We develop multi-device apps which are attractive to users. We have a wide range of experience in all kinds of projects.

    HTML5 CSS3 javaScript Final testing with users
  6. Final integration and customer assistance

    Any interface code has, a minimum of 6 months guarantee, which ensures you will have time enough to correct any imperfection. We provide you with technical assistance during the integration with backend systems or third party systems.

    Assistance Bugs treatment

When we think about a possible design, we look for an idea that is in keeping with the corporate identity, and that is highly attractive for users. But in addition, we also want users to find the information they are looking for quickly and intuitively, and every approach is analysed in terms of natural positioning on search engines to ensure optimal SEO.

Our Development Team works closely with the Design Team to ensure that expectations are always met.

Our projects combine creativity, professional design and high-quality web coding. This mix translates to optimal natural-positioning within search-engines.

Usability: users are paramount(UX)

If you are thinking about a tailor-made portal or website, we can help you with our in-depth knowledge and experience of the web.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The e-commerce projects we develop are designed from scratch and are completely customised to customer needs. We never consider using pre-designed e-commerce software. Everything is tailor-made to each project.

UX & UI working together

At Imaginanet, we develop Web pages and web applications taking special care in both the UX or User Experience and the UI or User Interface design. Therefore, we employ a UX designer and a UI designer for each project.

Inclusive designs: Users with dyslexia

One in ten users suffers from some kind of dyslexia. This brings us to take very seriously the addaptation of any website to these users in order to make our designs as inclusive as possible. To do so, we have trained to gain a deep understanding of their visual, structural and semantic needs.

Web development and design dictionary

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