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In the process of a Webpage design, we can clearly differentiate between UX Design (User Experience) and UI (User Interface). Our UX and UI designers work together, as in many occasions, a change in the user flow needs a change in the interface or vice versa.

At Imaginanet, we develop Web pages and web applications taking as much special care on the UX or User Experience, as in UI or Interface design, therefore we have a UX designer and a UI designer dedicated exclusively to each project.

UX designer

The responsibility of an UX Designer is to be sure that the processes that users will get through when surfing in a web page or program are clear and smooth. The UX Designer needs to be sure that the user will never lose the content of the Webpage, and will also try to anticipate the different actions that user will choose to make them clear and easy to get. One of the main tasks of a UX designer to be sure he is doing the right job is to personally go through the different use cases proposed by the interface.

UI Designer

The UI Designer is the one that makes the contents of the Webpage friendly and who provides the user with a smooth and attractive design. A UI Designer is the one telling sentences like “The log in and sign in buttons should be moved to the upper right corner”. The UI Designer is the one who captures all the flows previously designed by the UX designer in the Webpage. At the same time, the UI Designer is the one who worries for the details, colors, shapes, but also for the clarity that has to be offered to the user according to the ones previously established by the team.

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