In the web world, accessibility is  about how easy is a website to be used for a disable user. 
Webpages  use  to  have  accessibility  problems  for  the  following  groups  of  people: - ­Visual 
discapacity  using  screen  readers­- auditory  problems,  using  web  browsers  and  computers 
without sound -­ physical disability ­- colour-­blind people.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a Digital Marketing strategy allowing for selling products from different e-commerce which are related to the sector of one particular e­commerce ­or with its products sold in it­. These websites are own by third parties which do not have any relationship with the e­commerce ?s owner, and they allow to include these products in exchange for a small commission for every trade made through their website. Also known as associates program.

Examples: Amazon is an online shop holding an affiliates program being used by many websites, so we can find links to shop books in Amazon within many different websites.


An intelligent agent (or intelligent process) performs some information gathering or processing 
task in the background, in order to get a higher level of interactivity in the webpages.


Short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, it is a term that describes a new approach to using
a  number  of  existing  technologies  together.  In  this  way,  it  puts  combines:  an XHTML  /  CSS 
presentation using DOM to interact with the web site and XML and XSLT for data exchange, it 
then requests  data  to  a  server  in  an  asynchronous  way  using XMLHttp request,  it  puts  it  all 
together and presents it to the user through Java Script.


This is an abbreviation  to refers to the internal links within a web page. A link anchor never 
change the webpage but will link to a different part of the same document.


Anti-aliasing  is  a  process  enabling  for  diminishing  jaggies­ - stairstep-­like  lines  that  should  be
smooth. Jaggies occur because the output device, the monitor or printer, doesn't have a high 
enough resolution to represent a smooth line. Anti-aliasing reduces the prominence of jaggies by 
surrounding the stairsteps with intermediate shades of gray or color. Although this reduces the 
jagged appearance of the lines, it also makes them fuzzier.
Another method for reducing jaggies is called smoothing, in which the printer changes the size 
and horizontal alignment of dots to make curves smoother.

Use anti-­aliasing on GIF images with rounded edges and on large font sizes (14px or larger). Be sure to check your images and look <br />for fuzziness after you anti­alias the edges. I recommend that you don't use anti­-aliasing at all unless the pixel "stair­stepping" is <br />very obvious in  your image. Displays have  very high resolutions and  so  should make the pixelation that anti­aliasing is trying to <br />mitigate less apparent. Never use font smoothing or anti­-aliasing on fonts smaller than 10px. This makes them even more difficult to <br />read.


An Applet is a component from an application which is executed in another programm context,
such as the web browser. Applets examples are Java applets, and Flash animations.


It is a part of an element which adds information to that element.


It is related to the hearing. Aural in the web pages is referring to the style aural pages used by
the web deployers to make their web­-pages aural to those users with visual impairment.


Angle between the north  vector and the perpendicular projection of the  sound down onto the 
centre. When the azimuth is adjusted for different sounds, it creates a natural way to separate 
those sounds such as stereo audio or 5 speakers, locating every sound in a different space.

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