A great benefit to the local business

Local searching is the fastest-growing search type. 75% of people in the European Union are currently using the Internet to buy products, food or services in their local areas.


Analysis, monitoring and continuous improvement

We analyse the data or statistics, the local search market for the product, its presence on the Internet, and all the links from other sites. With all that information, we can start to build a SEO strategy. We also do the same analysis for three of the main competitors. This allows us to know what strategies are being used and what our target should be. Once the study has been done, we present all the data in a clear and comprehensive report.


Google Places

As Google is the most popular search-engine, any user searching for a local business in their area, will probably use Google Places. When a Google user does a search on the web using a geographical reference (County, Town, Postcode,...), Google uses Google Places to present the results of the search. In addition, any user using Google Maps to search for a business, service, or product will only find the ones which have been previously included in the Google Places index.


How does localised marketing work?

Search-engines or local directories analyse key words and possible geolocalised terms, so they can geographically classify or index the different products and services offered. We optimise the code of the portal, web site or e-commerce, specifically for each sector. Every day new web directories are born. We have a method which helps us to monitor these directories and portals, and we can or sign up our clients up to those directories which we think could be of interest to them. Local links are really important. That’s why we seek to promote coherent and appropriate link-building. In that way we can emphasise each service or product in the right context to improve online presence and image.

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