E-Mail Marketing is an effective and low cost tool that allows you to launch campaigns about events, products or promotions. It is important to know that for the massive e-mailing we need permission of the owners of the e-mail addresses. So we need to make a moderate use of this tool to avoid being treated as spam.

Imaginanet offers a CMS (Content Management System) ready for a comprehensive management of your email marketing campaigns. If you prefer it, we can design, execute and monitor the campaigns for you.

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Our formula for you to succeed on your marketing campaign:

  1. Planning your e-mail marketing campaign.
    To do it, you should identify your goals, your target, budget and the the tools you will use to implement and monitor your campaign.
  2. Tailor-make your campaigns depending on your target
    Segment your public and adapt the campaign for each sector. You will get a better personalisation where every customer will feel special.
  3. Choose a great title as “subject”
    If you want as many opens as possible you will need to choose a title as attractive as possible. Any idea? Personalise your title and include the name of the company.
  4. Show a creative design
    Once the customer opens the email, it is essential to have a powerful design in the interior of the email. Use one single font, and one single chromatic range.
  5. Refer your customers to a landing page
    To optimise the impact of your email campaign, develop a landing page especially designed for each campaign. In this way, you will be able to better monitor the conversions and you will be able to extend the information included in the email.
  6. Send yourself a test email
    Before sending the campaign, you should send yourself a test email to identify any mistake or error in the email.
  7. Monitor the success of your campaign
    Once you have sent the campaign, it is essential to monitor the success of the emails by monitoring the number of opens, bounces or clicks to the landing pages, etc.
  8. Update your database
    According to your bouncing rate, update your database, add new emails, and delete those which have no final user.

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