Multidevice Web Apps

Cutting down development costs

The amount of mobile users is constantly increasing. At the same time, the number of devices and the types of mobile terminals are more every day. Web Apps are the perfect solution in these cases, since they addapt to the different devices screens, significantly reducing the development and maintenance costs if we compare it with other apps such as native apps.


Accessible from any browser

One of the Web Apps greatest advantage is its accessibility from any web browser. This enables for developing them in a common language such as HTML. And, although browsers do not behave in the same way, the testing tasks only need to be done with the existing browsers (which are far less than the different types of devices). In addition, in allows to solve mistakes in a much quicker and comfortable way than other technologies.



When developing webapps, we use HTML5, the code that has allowed for webapps to evolve. This enables to work without the need of the Internet, by using contents semantics, marking screen elements as well as optimizing the interaction with users. It also allows to differenciate tactile screens and tradditional screens, and the content is entirely accessible.

Experience and efficiency

At Imaginanet we develop webapps which addapt automatically to any device.
We apply these tecnologies to our projects bringing positive and agile user experiences when acceeding to the web services from Smartphones and tablets.

Thanks to the fast evolution of the sector, there are every day more development frameworks, which allow to cut the costs and to invest more efforts in the testing tasks with different users and devices.

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