Accessibility and user experience (UX)

Being user-friendly and an easily accessible is the key to success for a web application

In order for a web app to be accessible, it needs to be user-friendly. Users need to easily find the information they are looking for. To make this information accessible for users, an analysis on their use, expectations and objectives will be necessary. Once done, we will just put the information in the right place.

When users look for certain information, they need to find it in a quick and intuitive way. Otherwise, their perception on our app wil be negative and they won't return to our website.
An accessible application can get some very good use, satisfaction and selling ratios. At the same time, it will detect mistakes faster, and save time in training people to use it.


A good User Experience (UX) comes after developing usable and accessible applications

To get the final user to have a good experience when using our website, we need to invest efforts in designing an accessible user interface. We will also need to include agile functionalities that help enable easy management. It is also important to test it with real users in order to know their opinion on the content and access to information.

Although the initial time and effort required for developing our applications may be somewhat higher, this will bring many benefits to the app. It will drastically reducing maintenance and development costs (it will be one single version with different visualization options). This way, we will bring a longer useful life to the content and will simplify any content changes.
Also, an accessible application will always be used by a largest number of users, since it makes access to information easy.

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