GIS Apps

We design Web Applications based on geolocalization

We develop GIS systems (Geographical Information Systems). GIS refers to a system which is capable of representing information and data in a geolocalized or spatial way.


Interactive queries

GIS applications, are those where the user can create interactives queries, change or save information which will be later represented on a map.


Transport and parking

With the GIS systems, information can be correlated using its physical and / or temporal information, so the information can be analyzed and presented in a geolocalized mode, using maps. For example traffic maps, public transport information, shops localisation, etc.


Geo-statistics and meteorology

GIS is also applicable to the analysis of Geo-statistics such as weather forecast, hydrological, archeological maps, etc. From the first smartphones, a lot of GIS applications for the those devices have been developed, where the user can easily access to the updated geolocalized information on a map. .


Other examples:
Rol Games and dating apps

Other examples of GIS applications can be online rol games, where the physical position of the player is used and the city map becomes a board game.

Also new applications for dating and knowing people are used where from the device, we can check in a map where the other active users of the same application are located in a certain time.

Some known examples of GIS applications are: Google Maps, Tinder, Car Locator, Waze, Foursquare, Sacracy RPG, etc.

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