According to Apple’s definition, iBeacon is a “New low-cost and low-power technology capable of detecting the near presence of a Smart phone device”. This technology, based on sensors, allows that a specific Smartphone runs some pre-defined actions when this is close to an iBeacon.


Advantages of iBeacon

iBeacon uses low energy Bluetooth (BLE) to transmit a unique and universal identifier that could be detected by an application or a compatible Operative System (OS). The identified user can execute any of the pre-defined actions in the device such as access to a Social Network, send notifications, receive information, etc.


At home

Locating iBeacons in different rooms of the house could make that every time we enter into a specific area, the device could be detected and the lights or the heater could be switch on.


In shopping centers

Putting different iBeacons in a shopping area could make the devices to activate an interactive map, so the user might be guided through the aisles and corridors to get the shops. Some information could be even sent to the customers with promotional offers, or discounts about the last products of a specific brand or shop.



iBeacons could be also used to send the bill directly to the device ones the buy is done, so the customer can accept it from the same device.

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