Educational digital apps

We create apps that helpd the schooling activities and learning process

The digital era has brought with it new ways of learning. The computers and Internet are every day more present and formal education doesn't seem to follow the rythm of the new kids now called digital natives. The more interactive, practical, real and participative the process of learning is, the easier and fastest the students would evolve. In Imaginanet we know that, in order for this to happen, it is necessary a group of experts that designs web apps for schools and educational organizations.


About digital education

Given the virtual world we live in, new learning ideas have started to appear to cover the actual kids needs in digital resources. That's why the need of suitable quality materials, books digitalizations, and new educational apps, has generated a new business model. The apparition of online editorials, national and international ones, has started to change the current educational landscape. In fact, a study from the Communication Department of Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and Aula Planeta said that at least a 57% of the teachers has a positive attitude towards the implementation of new learning materials in digital formats. Thus the e-learning is already a reality.


Resources providers

Some editorials have already made the
jump to the online business. Weeblebooks, Editorial Síntesis, Aula Planeta or Tekman Books are some of those who already count with a variety of online learning resources. In fact, this last one, a reference in Spain, offers several educational apps centered in areas like language or mathematics and adapted to every level. There are also other international virtual companies like Khan Academy, Better
Lesson and Gooru that already distributes sophisticated tools for teachers and students.


Online courses creators

Organizations like K-12, Apex Learning y Carnegie Mellon already produce online courses for digital environments. Besides the virtual learning material, practical exercises, books and all shorts of multimedia resources, they include evaluations that help parents and teachers to control the evolution of the students. That way they adapt the learning experience to the needs of each of the kids. Moreover, this companies offer a relevant data analysis about the learning evolution
of the participants in this methods.


Sales channels

With this digital change in recent years, the buying process of educational resources has suffered a very important transformation. The sales channels have become mostly digital, and the new editorials have started
to be entirely virtual by offering online materials. They are basically becoming the new windows to the future of education. Nowadays they already include a variety of content libraries and digital quality apps. Also there are groups of interest related to this products that have evolved a lot.

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