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The main part of games for mobile devices are programmed in HTML5. They can be executed from any device: smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. On top of that, HTML5 games can be published in any web page or social network without the necessity of having a specific platform to execute the game. These programs are normally in the servers where the user access them through Internet using any device. This makes the update of the programs easier, as the developer just needs to update the game on the server with the latest release, or the new functionalities, so the user will always have the latest version everytime he palys the game.

Since HTML appeared there has been a big increase in game developers using this technology, a lot of companies have published many tools in the Internet to help on developing those games.

There are different platforms where you can host the games, some of them are as popular as Dropbox or Google Drive, where the games will be available for all your family and friends who want to play your game, but if you want to monetize your games, there are other public platforms to use.

Here you have some strategies to monetize your HTML5 games:

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  1. Advertising

    Some websites offer the possibility of hosting your games, and they will pay you depending on the number of players or games.

  2. Licenses

    You can also ask users directly pay you to play the game or to get licenses to upgrade or get extra features to progress on the game.

  3. Selling your game

    Another idea is to sell your game to some portals to have them in exclusivity, although nowadays this is getting more difficult due to the high quantity of games in the market.

  4. Android Market Place

    You can also upload your free game in the Android market, and Google will insert publicity banners which pay per click.

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