Corporate Games

We design and develope HTML5 games for your brand or product

At Imaginanet, we design and develop tailored games fitting your brand and products, following the main values of your company, for your target audience which will help you to grow your business. Corporate games, or the ones associated to a brand, are part of a marketing strategy which will help you to gain reputation and visibility of your brand. That will be useful to promote a specific product, and to make your customers more loyals. On top of that, corporate games will help you to increase your database to send e-mail marketing: Offers, sales, newsletters. If the game hooks up the users, you will gain popularity on your products and brand on the social networks and will increase the traffic on the website, which again will help on your SEO and natural positioning.



Games from different platforms are increasing more and more. Users can play from their tablets, from the Smartphone or from the laptop. We can develop corporate games for any Operative system and platform, Android, iOS, Windows, etc. These are some of the tools we use: HTML5 Web Apps, Native Apps for iOS, Android, Online games based on Flash.



  • High Return of Investment.
  • Low cost investment, affordable by any medium company.
  • Increase of visibility and brand awareness.
  • User data capture.
  • Increase of web traffic.
  • Another digital marketing tool to add promotions on products or services.

A good example

A good example on how to promote a restaurant through a game could be using a discount voucher for the restaurant, if the players get a certain amount of points playing the game.
With this formula we can get different aims: from one side we want our customers to enjoy, from the other, we can get their data for future promotions. The last but not least, we will get that the users will come to our restaurant to use their discount vouchers.

If they are satisfied with the service, they will come back and we will loyal them.

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